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How Post-Grad Life is Going for Me

I used to worry that after graduating from college, my life would mirror The Graduate. Unemployed humanities major from a liberal arts school moves home, where everyone asks him what he's going to do with his life, to which he has no reply. Said unemployed humanities major falls into the deepest of existential crises, sleeps with his parents' older, married friend, then tries to find meaning in a spontaneous relationship, only to realize that it doesn't solve his problems. My greatest fear was that my life would look like that and that I would aimlessly drift forever, with no real purpose or passion. 
So I was surprised that I felt ready to graduate by the time that May rolled around. I was burnt out. And I felt suffocated by the personal dramas of everyone surrounding me, even though I loved them dearly. People were anxious about grad school, or new jobs, or lack of a job. People were beginning and ending relationships—perhaps as last-ditch efforts to prioritize love (wh…

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