Back to Baltimore

Photo by Morgan Hikaru
Johns Hopkins campus on Saturday, January 23rd around 7:30 pm 
Jonas was the biggest storm to ever hit Baltimore, with up to 35 inches of snow in some areas, according to The Baltimore Sun. For me, the blizzard meant flying back to school three days early and two days of cancelled classes. This has been my first East Coast storm and it has been nothing short of exciting. 

Other than a panicked run to the supermarket to stock up on soup and crackers, I didn't mind the storm too much. That's probably because I was lucky enough to be in the warm dorms for most of the weekend. I did venture out into the blizzard to enjoy the heavy snow and deserted streets a few times, but mainly stayed inside, watched movies, and drank lots of hot chocolate. 

I'm excited to start classes tomorrow and hope that everyone on the East Coast stays safe and warm during the rest of the week! 


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