How to Function: A Guide for Sleep-Deprived College Students

My daily set-up feat. iced coffee: the real MVP
Sometimes, you just can't get the eight (or even five) hours of sleep you need. Here's how I cope when I find myself in that situation:

1. Go to Class 
It may be tempting to skip class and use that time to catch up on your sleep, but in the long run you will just have more work to do. Furthermore, you may miss out on crucial information in the lecture or worse, have an unexcused absence on your record, which could ultimately affect your grade. Just go to class! Also, try to spend five minutes putting on real clothes - no pajamas - and making yourself presentable. Personally, I find that when I put a bit of effort into getting ready, I feel better about the day. 

2. But First, Coffee
Before you brave the outside world, fuel up with caffeine. I like to have an Arbonne Energy Fizz Stick - which is basically Emergen C with caffeine and vitamin B complex - immediately upon waking up and then grab an iced coffee after my first class. It sounds like a lot of caffeine, but the combination really helps me stay awake. It's also important to fuel up on actual food so that you have energy. I personally like having toast with almond butter, fruit and yogurt, or scrambled eggs. When I'm running late, a granola bar or some nuts usually can tide me over until I have time to grab a full meal. 

3. Don't Nap
What's worse than being extra sleep-deprived for one day? Being extra sleep-deprived for a whole week. After pulling an all-nighter or getting fewer than five hours of sleep, try to get back on your normal sleep schedule. Napping can make it more difficult to fall asleep at night, so if you must nap, limit yourself to an hour and a half maximum (one full sleep cycle). And don't nap too close to bedtime!

I hope these three tips can help you when you're struggling with sleep-deprivation. Sweet dreams! 

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. 


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