My Style Inspirations

When I find myself in a style-rut, I like to look to others for inspiration. And even if I just stick to my regular uniform of jeans and a t-shirt, that doesn't mean I won't peruse Pinterest and dream about stealing some of these outfits. I made these collages to showcase my favorite style inspirations. Enjoy! 

Photo rights attributed to Carrie Harwood
I'm a huge fan of Carrie's whimsical and polished outfits, whether they be cute and casual or sleek and stylish. Her Parisian and mod-inspired ensembles are the epitome of #stylegoals 

Photo rights attributed to the BBC

While Jenna's real life style is chic and smart, I happen to love the preppy style of her character on Doctor Who, Clara Oswald, even more. A lot of her frocks are from accessible brands like Topshop and Urban Outfitters and her clothing is practical for everyday activities: teaching, going on dates, running down corridors away from aliens... you know the usual stuff ;) 

Actress Jamie Chung manages to blend trendy with timeless and everyday with evening in many of her outfits, a feat I admire and would love to incorporate into my own wardrobe. Jamie's clothes look so put-together and elegant no matter the setting or season. 

Photo rights attributed to the CW

Blair Waldorf's closet is the object of many girls' desires including my own. Her skirt and blouse combinations are always on point and her dresses and headbands are gorgeous. Blair's wardrobe is probably the least realistically attainable, but that doesn't mean I can't covet them! 


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