A Kit to Mend Your Heart

Crying in front of the ocean is extremely cathartic, breathing in the fresh salty air as you immerse yourself in nature.

About a month ago one of my friends sent me a text asking if I had any resources to share for someone going through a breakup. She asked if I could recommend podcasts, music, articles, or anything that helped me get through my breakup during the winter of junior year, and if I wouldn't mind passing them along. 


Breakup art is some of the most raw, pure, emotive art in the world. It is often created in a time of extreme vulnerability – when you start to question who you are and how you define yourself apart from the relationships you have. I gained so much from exploring other people's pain and found comfort knowing I was not the only one to go through heartbreak. 

I made a Breakup Kit on Google Docs to share some of my favorite articles, songs, and poems. Recently, I've been asked to share it with other friends going through breakups so I thought I would post it here for others to see, too. I try to add to it whenever I think of something else that I found helpful, so the list is always growing. 


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